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1000+ Bulk HALF ROUND Eye Purchase with Discount
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Limited Edition eye colors now available in BULK!


IMPORTANT: List the eyes you want before adding this product listing to your shopping cart.

****You must enter the TOTAL QUANTITY of eyes purchased in the quantity box below the eye color listings.****

Please enter next to each eye color what SIZE and QUANITITY you would like of that color.  If you do not want a certain color simply leave the box empty.

  • Enter information as: 14 mm: 20 qty AND 18 mm: 12 qty AND 20mm: 10 qty
  • Please put an "AND" between each size and quantity dilineation to ensure you get the correct sizes and quantities.

Since all sizes and colors of eyes are the same price please enter in the total box the TOTAL number of eyes you wish to purchase.

  • Victorian - Even Sizes 12mm to 26mm
  • Beautiful Blue - Even Sizes 12mm to 26mm
  • Ocean Green - Even Sizes 12mm to 26mm
  • Golden Hazel - Even Sizes 12mm to 26mm
  • Tiger Brown - Even Sizes 12mm to 26mm
  • Dark Brown - Even Sizes 12mm to 26mm
  • Chocolate Brown - Even Sizes 12mm to 26mm
  • Newborn Midnight Blue - Even Sizes 16mm & 18mm
  • Newborn Dark Blue - Even Sizes 18mm to 22mm
  • Sunrise Blue - Even Sizes 12mm to 26mm
  • Sunrise Brown - Even Sizes 12mm to 26mm
  • Sunrise Green - Even Sizes 12mm to 26mm

Limited Edition Colors:

  • Blue LE - 18mm Only
  • China LE - 12mm, 14mm, & 20mm
  • Dark Blue LE - 12mm to 18mm
  • Dark Blue Dusk - Even Sizes 12mm to 26mm
  • Dark Brown Green - Even Sizes 12mm to 26m - Discontinued 22mm
  • Light Blue LE - 12mm, 14mm, 20mm, 22mm
  • Gray LE - 12mm, 14mm, & 16mm
  • Indigo LE - 20mm & 22mm
  • Light Blue Green LE - 22mm
  • Lavender LE -  16mm, & 18mm
  • Medium Blue Gray - Even Sizes 12mm to 26mm - Discontinued 20mm
  • Newborn Dark Gray - 16mm Only
  • Newborn Dark Green - 16mm Only
  • Newborn Darling LE - 20mm Only
  • Newborn Midnight LE - 20mm & 22mm
  • Newborn Ultra Dark LE - 22mm
  • Old Fashion Blue LE - 18mm Only
  • Victoria LE - 12mm to 26mm
  • Vienna LE - 12mm, 14mm, & 24mm

Beautiful Blue:
Ocean Green:
Golden Hazel:
Tiger Brown:
Dark Brown:
Chocolate Brown:
NB Midnight Blue:
NB Dark Blue:
Dark Blue Dusk:
Dark Brown Green:
Medium Blue Gray:
Sunrise Blue:
Sunrise Brown:
Sunrise Green:
Blue LE:
Dark Blue LE:
Old Fashion Blue LE:
Light Blue LE:
Aqua Hazel LE:
Victoria LE:
Vienna LE:
Indigo LE:
Gray LE:
Newborn Dark Gray LE:
Newborn Dark Green LE:
Newborn Darling Blue LE:
Newborn Ultra Dark LE:
Newborn Midnight LE:
Specialty: Blind:
Specialty: Infected:
Specialty: Zombie:
Specialty: Undead:
Specialty: Doll:
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