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DVD: Course #3: Full Term
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Course #3 is perfect for you if you want the full reborning experience making a life size baby. This DVD shows you how to use the most important tools and supplies for you to become a reborn artist. You can learn 13 of the most important secrets to making a wonderful life size reborn baby. Pat Secrist shows you step by step from start to finish on the Course #3 DVD included with this Starter Kit.

This DVD uses these paints, brushes and supplies:

  • Deluxe paint brush set
  • Petite Strawberry or Peaches & Cream: Crease & Wrinkle Paint
  • Petite Strawberry or Peaches & Cream: Blush Paint
  • Petite Strawberry or Peaches & Cream: Lip Paint
  • Petite Eyebrow Brown Paint
  • Petite Internal Purple Wash
  • Petite Vein Paint
  • Petite Moist Glaze Medium
  • Petite Skin Texture Foundation
  • Petite Superior Shine Remover
  • Mushroom Pin Vise - Plastic Handle
  • 38g Rooting Needles for hair
  • 1/2 oz Standard mohair
  • Cosmetic foam wedges
  • Rooting Glue
  • 1 lb. Plastic weighting pellets
  • Porcelain paint palette
  • Uncut Rooting Needles for rooting Eyelashes
  • Vinyl Trimming Knife
  • Craft Sticks
  • #1 Detail Mop (labeled on the video as a Feathering mop)
  • #3 Detail Mop
  • #4 Mop
  • Mushroom sponge set
  • Head veining photo chart
  • Limbs Veining photo chart
  • Cable Tie Nippers
  • Drying rack
  • Paint mix storage bottle
  • Paint eraser
  • Baby Tears
  • Odorless thinner
  • Razor comb
  • Hair: Baby Styling Conditioner
  • Hair: Boar Bristle Brush for use during the rooting process
  • Hair: Barber Trimming Shears 4.5"
  • Hair: Razor Comb
  • Hair: Baby Hair Styling Brush for styling the hair after rooting
  • EZ Lasher for open eye dolls
  • Glue: Instant Super Glue
  • Eyelashes

Learn how to:

  • Use Authentic Reborn paints & techniques
  • Apply internal purple wash
  • Apply veining and skin texture foundation
  • Blush foundation layer and blushing details
  • Paint realistic lips, creases, wrinkles and eyebrows
  • Make eyelids look moist
  • Add blush and creases on arms and legs
  • Paint realistic finger and toe nails
  • Apply the wet look to the lips
  • Assemble your baby

Notice: Due to copyright protection all DVDs, Special Technique Tutorials and all technique guides are non-returnable.  These products may not be returned for a refund.  Defective products may be exchanged only (no refunds or credits) for exactly the same title returned.

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