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Eyebrow Pencil 11 Piece Color Set
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If you've used eyebrow pencils before you understand just how incredibly handy they are for drawing on incredibly realistic eyebrows.  You can even use the Paint Eraser to make minor adjustments to eyebrows that you aren't completely pleased with. 

Making Pencil Drawn Eyebrows Permanent
You need to heat set the eyebrows at 265 degrees Fahrenheit or 130 degrees Celsius for 8 minutes.  Then apply 3D Texture Medium for a realistic feel and Matte Sealer to protect them:

  • Matte Sealer
  • 3D Texture Medium

In order to protect pencil drawn eyebrows you will want to apply a coat of Matte Sealer and for even more realism, use the 3D Texture Medium on each eyebrow hair for incredibly lifelike eyebrows.  Eyebrows that are not heat set properly and sealed may wear off over time, by heat setting them and then coating them with Matte Sealer they should last a lifetime.

Eyebrow Hair Patterns
The easiest way to draw realistic eyebrows is to work from pictures of real baby eyebrows.  Our Painting Technique Guidance Chart, Eyebrow Hair and Eyelid Vein Guide, is specifically designed to show the pattern for eyebrow hair and eyelid veins along with helpful tips on how to make them most realistic.  You can learn the pattern for both thick and sparse baby eyebrows.  Once you've learned both of those you will be prepared to create your own style!

Making Eyebrows 3D

When you apply the 3D Thick Medium on each eyebrow hair you'll create eyebrows that people could easily mistake for being real!  Click on the image below to learn how you can get amazing eyebrows just like this eyebrow below.

 Free 3D Eyebrow Tutorial

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